2015 Ford Mustang GT [w/video]

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2015 Ford Mustang

At 50 years old, the object of fantasies, a tuner's dream, a movie star and more than nine million strong, it couldn't be truer to say that the Ford Mustang needs no introduction. This newest Mustang, however - making the biggest changes we've seen to the pony car since perhaps 1964.5 - is something Ford has been introducing all year.

We went on a Deep Dive, covered the way it looks when it was revealed, detailed the engine specs, got a ride in the EcoBoost and listened to the V8, got rolling footage and watched it do a standard-feature burnout.

The only thing left to do? Drive it. Having now done so for a few hours around Los Angeles, what we can tell you is to forget everything you know about the Mustang. This new car shames the old, redefines the model and gallops far ahead of anything else in the segment.

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Rumor: Is There a 2015 Shelby GT500 Coming?

2015 Shelby GT500

Parts found on Ford’s website for the 2015 Mustang hint at there being a 2015 Shelby GT500; could this be true? The rampant speculation surrounding the S550 Mustang chassis has been working overtime for the SVT/Shelby options. We know we are getting a Shelby GT350 and have already seen the badging for it, but could we be getting a Shelby GT500 as well?

GT500 Parts Found on Ford Parts

Initially posted by a Mustang6G forum member, a link to fordparts.com showed 2015 Ford Mustang parts for a Shelby GT500. Directly from the horse’s mouth, there is a parts description for a quarter window with the parts description specifying it is for “North American Markets” and “Shelby Cobra GT500″ which raises a lot of questions. 

Before you simply dismiss it as a replacement part for a 2013 – 2014 Shelby GT500, remember that the S550 is a brand new Mustang that has been completely redesigned, which means parts like that would not cross over. Make no mistake, it is not for the GT350 either as Ford has already leaked those badges with confirmation for the new 5.2L Voodoo Engine. It makes us wonder what exactly Ford is planning for 2015.

Nurburgring SVT Testing

A few months ago, enthusiasts got to see some of the very first videos of the SVT Shelby model testing at the Nurburgring. Two different models of Mustangs have been seen testing at the Nurburgring, identifiable by their wheels and camo, ripping around the track and even loosing control. The two different models were speculated to be two versions of the GT350, one being a ‘R’ version that is more track oriented. There has been a shift in thought though, with a growing voice saying that the other model is possibly a Shelby GT500. Given how much faster the one Mustang is than the other it is entirely plausible that we are seeing two completely different versions of the Mustang, not just trims.

2015 Shelby GT500 Engine Options

There have been numerous reports from a variety of anonymous insiders saying that the Condor Engine (Shelby motor) assembly line has been shut down/dismantled. This has lead to mass reporting that there will be no more Shelby GT500, or at least for the 2015/2016 model year. However, the fact that the Condor Engine Line is gone does not mean we might not see a GT500. There are a few other options laying on the table that would all make great options for a 2015 Shelby GT500.

Boosted 5.0 Coyote Motor

The 5.0L coyote motor is an amazing motor that is capable of seemingly endless feats. Granted, in base GT form it has some areas of vulnerability, but nothing that forged rods, crank, and pistons could not solve. The coyote motor has been a tried and tested motor for Ford, seen in various applications and vehicles with different technical specifications. A built 5.0L with a Ford Racing Blower would be easily capable of high 600 HP to mid 700 HP power output. This engine option for a Shelby would arguably be the most cost efficient one.

Boosted 5.2L Voodoo Motor

Ford has spent a lot of time and a lot of money doing research and development on their new Shelby GT350 Voodoo Motor and they still are not done. While it remains to be seen if there will be a flat-plane crankshaft, we are slowly starting to get a better idea of what the 5.2L engine will be, which subsequently asks the question of what other vehicles will we see it in? With the possibility of there being a 2015 Shelby GT500 comes the possibility of seeing a boosted, big power, Voodoo engine make its way under the hood. For NA applications they are projected to be making well north of 500HP/TQ, so with a little bit of boost via a supercharger we could expect to see that number go deep into the 700HP range.

Twin Turbo 5.0 From the Cobra Jet

A few years ago Ford unveiled a Cobra Jet concept vehicle which sported a 5.0L featuring a twin turbo setup. Unfortunately nothing ever came of the TT Cobra jet, however that technology is still around. Not to dissimilar to what was mentioned above about a boosted 5.0L coyote motor, a TT 5.0L coyote engine would be a very cost effective way to make big, reliable power. In the past Ford has teased the public with concept cars/engines that showed up later in one way or another in production vehicles. With Ford’s push on the EcoBoost concept, taking a motor that has been developed and tested and adding turbos on to it is the most likely scenario for a Shelby GT500.

10th Anniversary Cobra?

Also making a special appearance on the Ford Parts website were a few random parts labeled ’10th Anniversary Cobra’ which only adds to the mystery and speculation. As much as I wish it was for an anniversary edition of the 2003 – 2004 Cobra like Bama’s 03 Cobra, that ten year mark has already passed. However, we are coming up on the 10th Anniversary of the Shelby GT500 in 2017, which is when there is supposed to be a refresh for the S550 Mustang. Ford refers to the GT500 as the Shelby Cobra GT500, which keeps in line with these leaked parts.

Back when the S197 initially was released, the Shelby GT500 made it’s appearance the first year of the S197′s production in 2005. Even though it was not until 2007 when the Shelby GT500 was available for purchase, the public got a glimpse of it in 2005. This leads many people to believe that the Shelby GT500 will return in 2017.

A lot is still uncertain; production of the 2015 Mustang has just begun and we are still waiting for them to arrive on dealer lots. As far as SVT/Shelby vehicles, we know the GT350 is on it’s way with a possible reveal coming up on September 19th. There is growing evidence that we are going to be getting a Shelby GT500 which is having people wonder when we may see it and more importantly, what engine will it have? We have heard before that Ford was working on a Shelby GT500 more powerful than the Dodge Challenger Hellcat so could this be it? Are these some of the first parts being produced for it?

What engine would you want to see in a GT500? Do you think a GT500 is on its way? Or did Ford just mislabel some of their parts?


Main Photo via Chance Hales Photography. Chance Hales FacebookFlickr

Video: Vaughn Gittin Jr. Insane Drifting

Professional drifter and world champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. slays a set of tires in this awesome drifting video! There are few people that can throw a Mustang into a turn like Vaughn Gittin Jr. can and have it look amazing. This recent video from the Gatebil Festival at Rudskogen Motorpark in Norway, shows Vaughn doing what he does best; drifting. Make sure you turn your speakers up and enter full screen mode to fully appreciate the sights and sounds of Vaughn drifting a Mustang.

Vaughn is currently in the midst of the Formula Drift season, chasing down the crown and title of World Champion for 2014. While he is stilling competing with the S197 Chassis, it will be interesting to see when he decides to switch over to the S550 Mustang Chassis. Vaughn has already revealed the 2015 RTR Mustang at the 2014 AmericanMuscle Car Show, which has us wondering when we will see it going sideways around a track.


New Parts: C&L Cold Air Intakes

When it comes to getting the most performance out of your Mustang a C&L Cold Air Intake (CAI) is the best option for your money. A Cold Air Intake is one of the first modifications Mustang Owners will make to their ride which is why it is important to go with one of the best ones on the market such as the C&L Cold Air Intake.

Benefits of a Cold Air Intake

Cold Air Intakes can make a huge difference in your driving experience. Some misinformed people will try to argue that they “don’t make a difference” or that cold air intakes are “a waste of money” but this is simply not true at all. A cold air intake on a 2005+ Mustang makes major improvements to not only power output, but also throttle response and fuel economy, making it a valuable upgrade.

The factory modular motors come restricted from the factory and have trouble breathing. A cold air intake is a great way to change the air flow of your Mustang and allow it to breathe easier which in turn makes more power.

Why C&L Performance?

C&L Performance is one of the industry leaders for Mustang cold air intakes. C&L spends hundreds of hours doing R&D with vigorous testing to ensure customers are getting the best product they can buy. They perform extensive flow bench and dyno tests to maximize power gains with their intake. Few other cold air intake manufacturers perform even half the development testing that C&L does, which makes them one of the most trusted brands in the Mustang world.

Do I Need a Tune?

Most cold air intakes require a tune, however with C&L you have a choice. Some of the intakes they offer require no tune at all and you still see the benefits of increased power and fuel economy. However, if you are looking to truly maximize your gains, a handheld BAMA X4/SF4 tuner is your best option. A C&L cold air intake paired with a Bama tune will completely change your driving experience and wake your Mustang up!

C&L Cold Air Intake w/tuner – 2011 – 2014 Mustangs

C&L Cold Air Intake – 2011 – 2014 V6 Mustangs

C&L Cold Air Intake w/tuner – 2005 – 2010 Mustangs

C&L Cold Air Intake – 2005 – 2009 V6 Mustangs

C&L Cold Air Intakes – All Mustangs


Stage 1 Bolt-ons for Bama’s 2003 Terminator Cobra

Bama Performance is on a mission to take a stock 2003 Cobra and turn it into a quarter-mile killer! The 2003 Mustang Cobra, aptly referred to as the Terminator, is one of the most sought after and desired Mustangs. From the factory the 2003 – 2004 Cobra was a Mustang to be reckoned with as it featured a supercharged 4.6L 4-valve motor that was underrated, backed up by a Tremec transmission, and IRS. Over the past decade the Cobra has aged incredibly well and now that Bama has their hands on one they will build it up and push it to the max!


The Bama Performance Cobra is an all business Mustang focusing intently on improving performance. In Stage 1 of the build Bama added a laundry list of engine goodies. A C&L Cold Air Intake and SCT BA2600 Meter now feeds cold air into an Accufab Oval Throttle Body and Power Inlet Plenum. Bama added a mix of Metco Motorsports parts such as an Interchangeable Supercharger Puller & Hub Ring, a Crank Pulley Kit, Dual Bearing 90mm Auxilary Idler Kit, and a Supercharger Pulley Installation and Removal Tool.

Bama did not stop there, they also added a MSD Programmable Fuel Pump Voltage Booster and Autolite Racing Spark Plugs. To have everything running in harmony, Bama added a custom tume via the X4/SF4 Handheld tuner. All of these performance parts help to not only allow the Cobra to breathe better, but they also help to optimize the stock supercharger. These Stage 1 performance mods raised the stock boost level up to 15 lbs. which is the ideal amount of boost for the stock 03-04 Cobra blower.


It would be a mistake to do all of these power and performance mods without upgrading the handling of the Cobra at all. Bama added Maximum Motorsports Low Profile IRS Subframe Bolts and Power Stop Street Warrior Brake Rotor and Ceramic Pad Kit. Now that Bama added all of this extra power it important to be able to stop it all once it is already going, and the Power Stop brake kit will have no issues stopping this Cobra. With the addition of low profile IRS Subframe bolts, Bama will be able to add much larger tires for improved grip at the track.

Even though there are no dyno and track results until Stage 2, it is quite evident that Bama is serious about squeezing every drop of power they can out of this Cobra and they are well on their way to doing so. The Bama team has big plans for this build and they are going to stop at nothing to hit their goals.