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Feb 28

Top 5 Fox Body Restoration Kits You Need Before Spring

Fox Body MustangReady For Spring Tune-up

With Spring on its way and hundreds of new Fox Body products in out lineup we thought it would be a great time to roll out a lineup of new kits conveniently packaged together to meet all of your project and restoration needs. These kits will save you time and some cash by purchasing as a package and are filled with OEM quality parts built to exact factory specifications. Here’s our top 5 1979-1993 Mustang combo kits you’ll want to pick up before Springtime.

#5 – Mishimoto Performance Radiator and Silicone Hose Kit (5.0L, Manual & Automatic Transmissions)Foxbody Mustang Radiator & Cooling Restoration Kit

A lot of 5.0 Foxbody Mustangs run into cooling issues from time to time and anyone who’s been stuck in rush hour traffic with an overheating car knows how much this can suck. We packaged two of the most popular cooling items together and gave everyone a one-stop option for fixing any Foxbody overheating issues. After installing this cooling kit you will no longer have to worry about racing around road courses, track days and gridlocked traffic in the dead of summer. Mishimoto radiators are backed by an industry leading “No Questions Asked” lifetime limited warranty. They’ll even replace radiators damaged in a car accident, a product endorsing move seldom seen in the automotive industry these days.

If you’re unsure whether it’s the radiator or piping causing these cooling issues you can go off the old test: If the needle hits red while driving or cruising around it’s more likely a radiator problem – if cooling issues are only at idle you might want to check the fan first. Also, it’s always a good idea to replace the thermostat in your Foxbody when changing cooling hoses and your radiator.

Mishimoto Cooling Kit includes:

  • (1) Aluminum Radiator
  • (1) Radiator Cap
  • (1) Magnetic Drain Plug
  • (2) Large radiator hoses
  • (4) Small radiator hoses

# 4 – 10-Piece LX Foxbody Side Body Molding Kit (87-90 LX & 91-93 LX)Foxbody Mustang LX Side Molding Kit

When it comes to restoring your Mustang back to pristine shape, one of the major headaches is always bodywork. Like on our own Foxbody project car, there always seems to be a few panels in need of replacing and, as with a large amount of LX Foxes, many need a complete exterior overhaul. That’s exactly why we’ve packaged all of the body molding pieces you’ll need to have your Mustang restored back to showroom quality without the hassle of detailed repair work. Our Foxbody LX Kits are created using Ford Original Tooling and are built to OEM specs for an exact reproduction of original factory parts, giving you the same, if not better than original fitment.

LX Molding Kit includes: (2) Front Fender Moldings, (2) Rear Fender Moldings, (2) Door Moldings, (2) Front Quarter Moldings and (2) Rear Quarter Moldings.

#3 – Foxbody Lighting Restoration Kit (1987-1993 GT)Light Restoration Kit For Foxbody Mustangs

After 20+ years, most Foxbody Mustangs have cloudy, faded and broken lens covers that are not only be a hazard when driving at night but can also be illegal in certain jurisdictions. Like our other Foxbody products, all restoration lighting components are created with Ford Original Tooling and specifications for an exact factory recreation. Flawless fit, proven performance and long-lasting parts are what AmericanMuscle and Ford Original Tooling is all about. This light restoration kit also includes a full 1-year warranty.

Foxbody Lighting Kit includes: Headlights, Corner lights, Marker Lights, Fog Light Housings, Fog Light bulbs, Tail Light Lenses, and Paint masks.

Note: Includes tail light lens covers only. This kit does not include the housing or wiring.

#2 Ignition Tune-Up Kit (89-93 5.0L)Fox Body Restoration Spring Tune-up Kit

For many, Springtime is right around the corner and that means giving the Fox some love with a fresh tune-up. With that in mind, we conveniently packaged together the main components you’ll need to get your Mustang running efficiently and at peak performance. NGK is a leader in performance spark plugs and utilizes patented V-Groove technology that delivers a more effective and consistent spark and complete combustion. To complement the added performance of the NGK plugs we packaged them with Taylor wires, distributor cap and rotor built to prevent cross-firing and arcing. All pieces are corrosion resistant and built to last. A good tune-up is something you never want to skimp out on and can save you money at the pump as well as boost performance and the life of your motor.

Foxbody Tune-up Kit includes: (8) NGK V-Power Performance Spark Plugs, (8) Taylor Street Thunder 8mm Spark plug wires(1), Cap(1) Rotor(1) and Packet of Di-electric grease

#1 Cold Air Intake From Stack Racing & SCT’s 4-Bank Eliminator Chip (89-93 5.0L)Fox Body Mustang Performance Intake & Tuner Kit

For anyone who’s installed a CAI and tuning chip in their 5.0 it’s easy to see why we’ve listed this as our top combo kit for Spring. With just a chip, custom tunes from Bama Performance and a CAI you can see power gains of 30+ HP with just these two easy modifications. The CAI will install in less than an hour with basic hand tools and comes with a lifetime reusable filter that flows and filters air much better than a factory-standard filter. The SCT 4-Bank chip combined with custom Bama tunes will tie all of your current modifications together and have your Fox running at peak power and performance, regardless of the size of your current mod list. The chip will come preloaded with Bama tunes and can carry up to 3 custom tunes at a time. You can easily choose between a street, performance or race tune and fuel type (87-93 octane). Whether you have a daily driver or a weekend track car, every Mustang will benefit from a tune that gives you back the extra horsepower, torque fuel efficiency Ford left on the table.

Tuner Combo Kit includes: Stack Racing CAI & all needed hardware, SCT 4-Bank Chip and 3 Custom Bama tunes with free tunes for life.

Feb 26

Stage 2: Project Fox Body – Interior & Exterior Restoration

This is stage 2 of a three part series detailing the restoration of one beaten, neglected, then beaten again 1993 GT and its transformation into a one-of-a-kind ’93 Cobra convertible. Stage 1 included an essential tune-up, new clutch, body work and fresh paint in preparation for stage 2. The horrendous duct taped intake found with the car has been replaced with an SR Performance cold air intake ahead of schedule just so the tired 5.0 could be driven safely to the paint booth.

Stage 2 – Project Fox Body

1993 Ford Mustang Fox Body Project Car

Wheels & Miscellaneous Exterior

Picking up where we left off, stage 2 pays close attention to the details both on the interior and exterior of the car. Starting with the wheels, what Cobra replica would be

complete without a set of Cobra style rims? We chose a black finish with chrome lip to set off our vibrant competition orange paint job. To fit the 5 lug 10 anniversary Cobra style rims, a 5 lug conversion kit and rear disc brakes were installed. This is a common swap seen with many Fox Body builds as it allows for fitment of a wider selection of rims and brake options.

To stay on point and get this project car as close to an authentic Cobra as possible, our GT received a set of ’93 Cobra tail light lenses; a small change that made a huge difference in the car’s rear end appearance. A true restoration project wouldn’t be complete without paying special detail to the little odds and ends. With this in mind, the missing cowl grill and dry rotted windshield molding was replaced, along with a new set of wiper arms. Again, these are small changes that go a long way in adding value to the overall appearance of this Fox Body.

Convertible Top & Interior Restoration

Probably the biggest eye sore on this 1993 GT was the tattered and crumbling convertible top. To mend this, basically the entire top had to be rebuilt. We went with a new, OEM quality replacement top, tinted rear glass, top pads, boot cover, new cable, J hooks and alignment pins. No restoration project is complete without replacing all of the old and cracking molding and weather stripping on the car. What is seen by some as a tedious and somewhat annoying task, replacing this stripping is one of the finer details that, if not done or completed properly, will have you critiqued at shows and leave the car with an “almost” finished look.

Drop Top 1993 Cobra Mustang

Digging into the car, it was easy to see the interior hadn’t fared much better than the outside of this Mustang. Fortunately, the dash, which can be a hard find for those looking, wasn’t in too bad of shape. After a quick sanding, some primer and paint our dash was back to new condition. The carpet did not fair quite as well and after a quick inspection and clearly needed to be replaced. Using the old carpet as a measuring point, holes were cut and the new carpet lined up and installed. All that remained was replacing the worn-out arm and console padding, shifter boot and knob, replacing a few broken switches and tying everything together beautifully by installing a mint condition, factory radio – something offered strictly as an option on the 1993 Cobras.

After salvaging this 1993 GT convertible from a near junkyard burial, hard work and an inspired vision of a drop-top ’93 Cobra have brought this once-upon-a-time clunker back to live in a spirited fashion. What could turn out as one of the few, if not only 1993 Fox Body convertibles has already proven to be a great looking restoration and useful resource for anyone looking for tips or inspiration when restoring their Fox Body.

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Feb 22

Watch this awesome R/C car chase scene made with cardboard and glue

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It never ceases to amaze us how much video production talent you can find on YouTube, especially when considering movies like Battleship actually exist on the silver screen. It's even better, of course, when cars are involved, which is why we can't stop watching this car chase between a pair of radio controlled Ford Mustangs.

Racing through a detailed set built in the middle of a public street using just "cardboard, hot glue and spray paint," this video is possibly even greater than The Greatest R/C Car Chase Ever that we saw last year. With the exception of a fruit stand and/or a plate-glass window being carried across the street, this has all the makings of a classic cliché chase scene.

Scroll down to watch the scaled-down action ensue as well as the full-scale conclusion.

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