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Apr 30

Video: The 2014 Saleen 351 Extreme “Black Label” Revealed


2014 Ford Mustang Saleen 351X Convertible

See video and photos of the new, 700HP Saleen 351 Extreme Black Label Mustang debuting at the Fabulous Fords Forever car show in Buena Park, CA.

When Steve Saleen announced he had taken their name back and announced they would be producing a 700HP 351 for the 2014 model year we were all pretty excited. After all, it has been quite a while since Saleen put out a 351 Mustang and never have they packed so much horsepower under the hood. Having now been given a glimpse at what’s to come, it’s clear Saleen is back to their old ways–producing attention hoarding Mustangs that, as Saleen has coined, “puts power in the hands of a few.”

2014 Saleen 351 Extreme Facts & Stats

The new Black Label is the flagship leading Steve’s Mustang fleet into 2014–Staying true to the 351, this Mustang features a Saleen Supercharged 351CI, 5.75 liter DOHC V8 motor with forged internals and a 6 speed manual transmission (automatic trans is available for an additional $995 from the factory).

  • 700HP, 655FT-LB of torque
  • Saleen Air Management System
  • Fully dressed Saleen themed exterior
  • S4 Suspension including: S4 Specific Rate Front and Rear Springs, S4 Front Struts, S4 Rear Shocks, S4 Front and Rear Sway Bars with High Durometer Pivot Bushings
  • 14.0” ABS Cross Drilled Front Rotors with 4-Piston Powder Coated Calipers
  • Saleen’s signature interior

2014 Ford Mustang Saleen 351 Interior

The 2013 Fabulous Ford Forever Car Show: A Perfect Debut

Hailed as the largest car show on the West Coast, Fabulous Fords Forever has 56 different car classes and 2100 cars registered for the show. The 28th annual show kicked off Sunday, April 21st at the Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California with free public admission. If you want to get your car in the show next year, be sure to register early as registration tickets sold out early. Check out their registration flyer for a list of this year’s car classes and an idea of what the show will be like next year.

2014 Saleen 351X Engine Specs, Options & Pricing

Engine Specifics: Low Pressure Drop Internal Intercooler • High Volume Intercooler Water Pump with Closed Single Pass System • Remote External Heat Exchanger • High Performance Calibration • 62lb Fuel Injectors • Cold Air Induction with High Performance Air Filter • Forged Aluminum Pistons • Forged Steel Crankshaft • Forged Steel Connecting Rods • CNC Ported Aluminum Cylinder Heads • High Performance Valve Springs and Camshafts • High Performance Dual Exhaust with High Performance Mufflers • Polished Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips • Saleen Close Ratio Shifter • High Performance Clutch and Light Weight Flywheel • 3.73:1 Final Gear Ratio • Saleen High Performance Suspension • 625 AMP Maintenance Free Battery

Air Management: Front Fascia w/High Volume Radiator Intake, Integrated Brake Intakes and Side Vents* • Blade Front Grille • Integrated Front Splitter with Heat Exchanger Intakes • Side Skirts with Integrated Brake Intakes • Quarter Window Trim • Deck Lid Center Insert with License Plate Mounts • Rear Fascia with Dual Exhaust Cooling Vents* • High Downforce Rear Diffuser* w/Integrated Exhaust and Center Vent w/LED Race Lamp • Aerodynamic Rear Deck Lid Spoiler and Rear Fender End Caps • High Downforce Rear Wing • Hood with Dual Side Accents • Red Butterfly™ Induction Hood2014 Ford Mustang Saleen 351 Mustang Rear

Exterior: Model Specific Fender and Hood Chevrons • Saleen Windshield Banner • Saleen Fender Model Description Emblems • Saleen Front Emblem • Saleen Rear Model Designation Emblem • Championship Wreath Rear Window Decal • Front Bright Work Trim Package • Saleen Serialized Front Bumper Numbers

Interior: Steve Saleen Personally Signed Authentication Dash • Leather and Alcantara Two-Tone Chevron Performance Seating • Leather Wrapped Shift Knob and Shift Boot • Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel • 200 MPH Gauge Cluster • Gauge Pod with Boost and Air Charge Temperature Gauges • Saleen Illuminated Door Sill Plates • Embroidered Model Designation Floor Mats • Embroidered Model Designation Trunk Mat • S351X Serialized Dash Emblem • S351X Serialized Engine Bay Plaque • Saleen Steering Wheel Emblem • Rear Quarter Mounted AM/FM Antenna

Optional Paint: Plum Insane Metallic – Burnout Black Pearl – Tire Smoke White Pearl – Lizstick Red Metallic – Sour Apple Green Metallic – Orange County Orange Metallic – Maliblue Metallic – Pineapple Express Yellow Metallic – Shark Skin Metallic – Beryllium Copper Metallic – Molly Pop Pink Metallic – ChromeMolly Metallic

Warranty: 1 Year / 12,000 Mile Limited Warranty

Base Price: Saleen 351 Extreme COUPE MSRP $82,936.00, CONVERTIBLE MSRP $87,636.00

Options From Saleen:

  • Chrome Wheel Upgrade $1,350.00
  • Speedster Package (Convertible Only) $2,679.00
  • Convertible Light Bar $900.00
  • Scenic Roof (Coupe) (choose this OR TouchFrost Glass) $3,999.00
  • TouchFrost Glass (choose this OR Scenic Roof) $9,600.00
  • Fastback Edition $5,000.00
  • Custom Show Car Paint $25,000.00
  • GuidePoint™ Stolen Vehicle Recovery System $795.00
  • ESCORT™ Integrated Radar Detector $2,000.00

Let us know what you think of the 2014 Saleen 351 by commenting below or drop us a line on twitter or Google+.

2014 Ford Mustang Saleen 351 Interior 2014 Ford Mustang Saleen 351 Seats 2014 Ford Mustang Saleen 351 Front End 2014 Ford Mustang Saleen 351 Convertible 2014 Ford Mustang Saleen 351 Tires & Wheels 2014 Ford Mustang Saleen 351X Convertible 2014 Ford Mustang Saleen 351 Convertible 2014 Ford Mustang Saleen 351 Mustang Rear Orange 2014 Ford Mustang Saleen 351 Specs for 2014 Saleen 351 Mustang

News Source: MustangsDaily & Saleen


Apr 26

Video: New 2014 Roush Stage 3 Overview & Burnout

New 2014 Roush Stage 3 Ford Mustang
Roush is back with their latest and greatest Mustang. The 2014 Stage 3 Roush is one bad machine, posting 575HP and 505 foot pounds of torque from its 5.0 coyote motor with a menacing growl emanating from the exhaust. Even when idle, if you’re anywhere near this thing you know simply by the refined sound it’s one piece of Detroit muscle that certainly means business.


Options & Add-ons for the 2014 Roush Stage 3

In addition to its Eaton R2300 supercharger, Roush intercooling system, a customized Roush performance suspension, and all of the exterior styling goodies that go along with the Stage 3, there are a number of options you can add to the 2014. Some notable add-ons include:

  • Ford Racing Aluminator Forged Engine Upgrade – $8,250
  • X-Brace and Rear Seat Delete – $1,975 (Painted), $1,675 (Unpainted) Roush Custom Exterior Paint – $15,500
  • Stage 3 Interior Package that includes leather and suede seats, door inserts and shift boot, all with highlighted stitching – $2,150
  • Roush also offers three brake upgrade package, the best performing and most notable being the Competition Brake Package – $3,500

Roush also gives you the choice of upgrading your new 2014 Stage 3 to one of two different “phases,” both offering even more power than the already potent 575HP the Mustang is delivered with. Phase 2 bumps performance numbers up to 625 horsepower and 525lb-ft of torque. Stage 3 takes things a step further and stacks the power to an overly impressive 675 horsepower and 585lb-ft of torque. That’s just 25HP less than the 2014 Saleen 351 and 13HP more than the what the 2014 GT500′s 5.8L motor is putting down.

  • Phase 2 Power Pack Upgrade (+50HP, 20LB-TQ) – $6599.99
  • Phase 3 Power Pack Upgrade (+100HP, 80LB-TQ) – $7199.99

All-in-all, owning a new 2014 Roush Stage 3 is going to set you back $17,000 (above the base price of a 2014 GT) plus shipping and handling charges. Add on an aluminator motor upgrade and a Phase 3 Power Pack and you’re coming in above the price of a 2014 GT500, but decently below what a 2014 Saleen 351 would cost you.

Source: Images – Roush, Video –

Throw us your comments below and let us know if you’re a fan of the new 2014 Roush Stage 3!

Red 2014 Stage 3 Roush Mustang New 2014 Roush Stage 3 Ford Mustang 2014 Convertible Stage 3 Roush Ford Mustang

Apr 25

Is This The Best Ford Mustang Commercial You’ve Ever Seen?

Is this not the best Mustang commercial you’ve seen? In its 35 seconds of glory there’s a police chase, a beautiful limited edition Hertz GT-H Mustang and a bit of humor sprinkled on top. Now it’s time for a little history on Shelby’s GT-H Mustang and the “rent-a-racer” program….

The Original Hertz GT350 Rental Mustang

Way back in 1966, Ford and Hertz teamed up to present car renters with a unique option–the chance to drive a high-performance muscle car. A collection of GT350H Mustangs were built only for rental at a Hertz shop through their “rent-a-racer” program and were options for those looking for something a tad bit faster than the typical clunker you’d expect from a rental shop. Production topped out at 1,001 for the 1966 GT350H and cost consumers a mere $17 a day plus 17 cents per mile to drive. Performance wise, you probably weren’t going to find too many cars to rent with more power behind the go pedal:

  • Cobra 289 High Performance V8 engine
  • Output: 306 hp and 329 lb-ft of torque

The 2006-2007 Shelby GT-H

To mark the 40th anniversary, Ford, Hertz and Shelby teamed up in 2006 to launch a new collection of gold and black painted GT-H Mustangs only available for rental at select Hertz locations. These 40th anniversary cars were debuted at the 2006 New York Auto Show as a collaborated effort between Shelby, Ford and Hertz. Only 500 were produced and all of them were coupes only available as part of the broader Hertz Fun Collection. It is interesting to note that out of the 500 coupes, 496 were automatic and only  4 had manual transmissions. It seems most people renting muscle cars still prefer an automatic. The trio then backed up this limited release with another batch of 500 GT-H convertibles for 2007, once again totaling 500 in production, but this time including 482 auto and 18 manual transmission cars.

2007 Hertz rent-a-racer GT-H Mustang - 1 of 500

Hertz’ “rent-a-racer” program (now intuitively named the “adrenaline collection”) that began way back in 1966 was reborn in classic Shelby style with the new GT-H, a modern 2006 GT with add-ons such as a performance power pack, exterior styling mods, track style suspension and 3.55 rear gear for an additional bite. Given the rarity of these cars and the history behind them, it’s not too surprising to find out the first (and at the time only) GT-H to be auctioned off fetched a cool $250,000 at the “Gathering of Eagles” fundraiser at EAA Air Venture and donated in the name of the Carroll Shelby Children’s Foundation to benefit the education of children interested in the aviation field.

Wile these Shelby Mustangs were a formidable street machine back in 2006-2007, with the 2013 Shelby GT1000 hitting a mind-blowing 1200 horsepower it’s tough to make the argument that these cats are still an adrenaline junkie’s dream machine. They are, however, rare and will be falling into the hands of collectors and avid enthusiasts as soon as the “for sale” signs go up.

What’s the rarest Mustang you’ve ever come across? COMMENT below and let us know!

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