Sep 25

Mission Complete – Dan’s Bolt-on GT Does an 11 Second 1/4 Mile!

Dan took his 2011 Mustang GT Premium down to the drag track to blast out a sub 11 second quarter mile pass with only bolt-ons and a tune. Even though he hooked so hard he nearly ripped off his rear bumper, he indeed broke into the 11s and is already well on his way to bigger and better (faster) things!

Recently we featured the stunningly fast progress Dan was making on his 2011 Mustang GT Build and that his naturally aspirated, bolt-on GT was an 11 second car. Well, after a few runs at Cecil County Dragway in Maryland, he’s got the timeslip:

60 Foot: 1.725 Seconds

1/4 Mile: 11.957 Seconds

1/4 Mile MPH: 117.38

Temperature: 87 Degrees – 89% Humidity

The best MPH of the day came on his first 11 second pass–11.99 @ 118.71. It’s quite amazing to see modern-day Mustang GTs dipping into the 11 second quarter mile range with no more than your standard set of bolt-ons and a tune. Being a New Edge GT owner myself, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t envious of that kind of power coming from a mildly modded GT. In typical fashion, Dan says there’s no way he’s done yet. with a better 60 foot time and ideal weather, lower E.T.s are well within reach.

He even launched so hard on his last run that he ripped part of the rear bumper off and did significant damage to his axleback exhaust. It won’t have him sidelined for long, but it will serve as a good reminder of what kind of power the car is capable of. With a new bumper, axleback and a lower temperature/zero humidity, Dan feels hitting an 11.5 1/4 mile time is not out of reach. Ask him about it yourself, and he’s a little more blunt:

I am going to head back to the track until I either blow my clutch up, or run an 11.50

And blow his clutch up he may, seeing as he did well to fry it by hot-lapping his Mustang last time around. Hopefully it holds up for him and he’ll be sporting an 11.5 second street driven beast, all while he revs up his plans for stage 3–a set of Comp Cam’s Stage 3s, an Exedy Clutch and–kudos to those of you who guessed correctly–Dan will be adding a 100 shot of nitrous courtesy of Nitrous Express’ Mustang Nitrous Systems.

11 Second Bolt-on 2011 Mustang GT 11 second Bolt-on Mustang GT Black 2011 Mustang GT 11 second 1/4 Mile Blacked Out 11 Second Mustang GT