Oct 15

BREAKING NEWS: 2015 Mustang 3D Renderings Based on Leaked CAD Images!

2015 Mustang 3D Rendering Based on CADWorking hand-in-hand with notorious artist Chazcron, sources close to Ford have not only leaked CAD (Computer-aided design) images of the actual, production 2015 Mustang, but also dropped information on when we can expect Ford to show us the new Mustang!

Artist Chazcron and Mustang6G are at it again, and thanks to their latest discovery it looks like it’ll be a thrilling year for fellow Mustang fans. Sources either inside Ford or someone working closely with the 2015 S550 Mustang have gotten their hands on computer aided design (CAD) files used to build the 6th generation Ford Mustang. While you can imagine why we aren’t able to post the actual CAD files, you can be assured by recent spy photos the S550 track testing that these 3D renderings are the real deal.

For those unfamiliar with the CAD designs and the rendering process:

” Computer-aided design (CAD) is a process that allows computer users to design a variety of products and geometric shapes on-screen, rather than building them by hand. Using CAD software, one can create and modify an object to determine how it will appear and function after it is built. CAD drawings often include a computer-generated image of the design, as well as its dimensions, processes, and materials. ”

Ford, along with other car manufacturers use CAD designs to aid in rendering and building cars, including the new S550 platform. Chazcron used the 2015 Mustang’s leaked CAD files to develop these renderings. So, if you’re wondering how close they will be to the production cars, rest assured they’re as close as you’ll get without actually seeing the new Mustang in its entirety.

2015 Mustang CAD 3D Rendering

When Will Ford Show us The 2015 Mustang?

It seems like it was just yesterday we got our first leaked photos of the front end, now we have the whole car rendered and–according to those who leaked the CAD files–there is more to come very shortly. Multiple inside sources (likely those who got their hands on the CAD files) are claiming Ford plans to give the world a quick peak before December–that’s right, expect to see an “official” teaser straight from Dearborn in the next two months!

It is almost exactly 6 months until the 2014 New York Auto Show where Ford is expected officially unveil the new Mustang platform, with sales of 1,000 limited production 2014.5 Mustangs expected to begin shortly after that. Now that these renderings have surfaced along with the countless spy photos of everything from the new IRS to interior shots, Ford has little reason not to give the Mustang community a sneak peak at what’s been hiding under the camo and, based on what we can see so far, we simply cannot hide our excitement.

The S550′s New Design

It should also be noted that the above renderings appear less aggressive than you would expect from a Mustang GT or higher model, leaving us to wonder if this is the base model trim. If it is indeed the base model, you can probably expect more aggressive styling on the GT and SVT models. With that in mind, I’m going to throw this out there: I see little–if any–styling that closely resembles a Fusion, despite the many rants to the contrary. There’s more 2013-2014 GT500 styling in that front end than there is Fusion-based styling. The exterior of this car as we see it in the 3D renderings screams Mustang, albeit a bit plain by some enthusiasts’ standards.

2015 Mustang Motor Options

A while back we reported a three motor lineup for all GT and lower Model 2015 Mustangs that included a variation of the current Coyote V8, either a base 300HP V6 or Ecoboost V6 and the controversial Ecoboost 4 cylinder. Stay tuned for a surprising update from sources close to Ford that might have you rethinking your engine selection!

Hat tip to Mustang6G for all the hard work gathering the CAD files and developing accurate renderings!

2015 Mustang 3D Rendering Based on CAD 2015 Mustang CAD 3D Rendering 2015 Mustang Front Angle CAD Rendering