Oct 31

Gallery: C&D “Leaks” 2015 Mustang Just Before Ford’s Release

2015 Ford Mustang Final C&D RenderingCar & Driver (C&D) Magazine has leaked their version of the 2015 Mustang, just a few months before Ford plans of unveiling the car. Not only that, but they’ve dropped a huge pile of insider knowledge and some of the juicy details surrounding the drivetrain options might come as a huge surprise to those who have been following the lead up to its release.

This is a deep, juicy and likely partially speculative article that has a ton of details about the 6th generation Mustang. We’ll break down the interior and exterior changes set to come, then go into the engines C&D is expecting for 2015.

Exterior & Interior Changes

Rear 2015 Mustang C&D Rendering

Exterior: The 2015 Mustang is going on a diet and you can expect at least “slightly smaller dimensions,” loosing more than a few inches in length, width and, most importantly, weight. The S550 could be up to 400lbs lighter than the S197. Taking into account the addition of a 4 cylinder to the Mustang’s herd, that much weight savings is likely to only be seen in the EcoBoosted 4-bangers–GT’s probably will see around half.

New Tail Lights: Said to be one of the most praised and unique changes is surprisingly the tail lights. A focus group member reported their “louvered” design way back in 2012 and we’ve seen 3D renderings from actual Ford CAD files that repeat this styling. Now, C&D had this to say:

“The rear end houses one of the neatest design features of the new Mustang. The car’s trademark taillight design with three vertical bars will continue but in the form of LED-lit transparent planes protruding from a concave surface set beneath the decklid. These lighting elements will illuminate sequentially, or course, when used for turn indication. ”

Air vents can also be seen on the rendering’s hood, giving the new Mustang a snarling, pissed off look that’s sure to fancy the tastes of more than a few enthusiasts(not to mention the functionality behind heat extracting vents).

Interior: More ambient lighting will give drivers a greater control over the interior ambiance while innovations and improvements to Ford’s MyFordTouch will be a welcomed change. The gauges and dash layout are going to stay similar to S197–probably close to what can be seen in the interior spy shots that recently surfaced. From the spy shots, it looks like Ford has nixed the rear seat headrests for greater vision, changed up the steering wheel and added paddle shifter. That’s right paddle shifters. Hopefully, Ford also plans to do away with much of the plastic interior parts that  have drawn more than a couple complaints over the years.

The Mustang’s future, at least in terms of powerplants, looks bright through Car&Driver’s eyes:

C&D leaked 2015 Mustang Rendering- 2.3L EcoBoost Turbo 4 Cylinder @ 310HP

- Return of Current 3.7L V6 @ 305 HP (base model)

- Coyote Motor For The GT @ 500HP

- EcoBoost V6 @ 400HP (not until 2017)

- Return of the GT500′s 5.8L Trinity Motor

- Twin Turbo V8 Codenamed “Voodoo” @ 550-600HP (to replace the Trinity motor at some point after 2015)

Taking a look at these motors individually…

The 2015 Mustang’s 4 Cylinder EcoBoost Engine

2015 Mustang Front End Leak - Car & Driver

While C&D is claiming the EcoBoosted 4 cylinder will be 2.3L, we previously reported on a Car & Driver employee from Dearborn, MI who had stated it would be a 2.5L motor. Interestingly enough, the recent Ford survey sent to Mustang owners probing the 2015 Mustang’s options had a 2.4L 4 cylinder engine listed, and no 2.3 or 2.5L. What can we draw from all of this? Well, for one thing, there’s still a lot of conflicting information out there, even with the release set to be only a couple of months away.

At this point, the 4-banger’s displacement is rather negligible, regardless; C&D put the EcoBoost 4 cylinder at 310HP, Ford’s survey said 310HP and our previous report had it dialed in at 300HP. However you slice it, you’re getting a 300+ horsepower, turbocharged Mustang. The real question now is: Is this too far a deviation from the Mustang’s core roots and value, or is having another SVO (the last 4 cylinder Mustang was the 1986 SVO) Ford Mustang a good thing?

The Mustang’s Current 3.7L V6 and EcoBoost V6

As expected, the current base model Mustang’s 3.7L V6 will be back for 2015. Our previous report and the C&D article both have it pegged at 305HP (same as 2014). It’s worth noting the Ford survey had this engine listed as a 3.8L @ 300HP, but this was likely to throw off survey takers from the possibility they were being fed the 2015 Mustang’s drivetrain options.

The EcoBoosted V6 for the 2017 model year is an eye-catching detail for sure. For one, Ford certainly would have the capability to bump the 3.5L EcoBoost found in the Taurus SHO to that power level. Also, this is something we’ve heard as a future possibility from sources like the C&D employee in Dearborn and Automobile Magazine, and makes sense from a positioning standpoint. It will delver power that fits well between the EcoBoost 4 and Coyote V8 and when the N/A 3.7 is phased out, fits as a good middle ground engine.

The 5.8L Trinity and “Voodoo” Engines

No More 5.8L GT500 Trinity Motor

5.8L Trinity: Contrary to what C&D has said, numerous sources like Road and Track and The Truth About Cars have said the current GT500′s replacement is dropping the supercharged 5.8L Trinity engine all together. This is most likely do to the much tighter engine bay and hood clearance requirements (much of which was done so the Mustang could be sold in overseas markets)–it has even been said that Ford had a tough time installing the 5.0L Coyote motor on the S550 platform to begin with.

Voodoo – N/A 5.0-5.5L: There’s talk that the 5.8L could be replaced by a twin turbo Coyote variant that would push anywhere between 550-600 horses. C&D has this as the ShelbyGT350′s powerplant that will “eventually” replace the GT500 and Trinity motor in the 2015+ Mustangs.

A comfortable middle ground between the conflicting Car & Driver report and that of other various sources is to assume Ford is, in fact, dropping the Trinity motor for the 2015 MY (there has been strong words spoken about this motor not fitting in S550), but will replace it with this twin turbo “Voodoo” engine as the top offering. Taking that a step further, if Ford was to position Voodoo as a reincarnation of the SVT Cobra coming in 2015-2016 we’re told is retuning with the S550, that would put the GT350 as the perfect candidate for the Boss 302′s N/A replacement (afterall, the GT350 historically was a N/A car, and the SVT donned a power adder as standard in ’03/04). However, that leaves no room for the Mach 1′s return, so again, we’ll have to wait this one out and see what Ford has in store.