Dec 13

2015 Mustang Now Available as Free Download in “Need For Speed: Rivals” Video Game

Anyone playing the new Need For Speed: Rivals video game can now freely download and cruise in one of five custom 2015 Mustangs, courtesy of Ford and EA Sports.

Ford has been working hand-in-hand with EA developers–months before the car was ever shown to the public–to bring gamers the freedom to download and use new Mustang, right after its official unveiling. And who knows, this might be how the 2015 Mustang’s official CAD files found their way out of Ford’s hands and into the design of a few very accurate renderings.

Even the “Hero” Mustang from the upcoming Need For Speed movie found its way deigned into the video game (and has been available to use in-game for a while now). There’s even a GT500 Police chase car–probably not the easiest cop car to outrun, one would think. Ford selected four of the 5 new designs from the “most popular” cars designed in their Mustang Customizer.

Even Vaughn Gittin Jr. has gotten in on the action as his own special 1969 RTR-X Mustang is also an option for Need For Speed gamers.

If you’re wondering how you can get your hands on one of these digital S550 Mustangs, the cars are available on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox360 and PC. For those who want to customize and style the real 2015 Mustang with aftermarket parts, you’ll have to wait–orders aren’t supposed to ship until summer.

2015 Mustang From Need for Speed Rivals Video Game 2015 Need For Speed Mustang Free Download 2015 Mustang From Need For Speed Free Download 2015 Mustang From Need For Speed Rivals - Gray

Source: MotorTrend