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Mar 31

Clutch Problems in Your 2011-2014 Mustang GT? It’s Probably Your Clutch Line…

Project Coyote 2014 Mustang GTIf you drive and/or have driven a 2011+ Manual Mustang GT, then you know it’s no secret that the MT82 is not the most popular transmission. It’s said that this transmission can’t handle much more than 650 RWHP, it’s noisy, and it constantly locks the driver out of gear when they’re driving the car aggressively. I’m personally not a huge fan of the MT82 transmission but I will stand up for it today as not being as bad as its reputation states!


The Big (small) Problem? The Clutch Line

SR Performance vs. Stock Clutch LineIt’s common for a 2011-2014 Mustang GT to get locked out of gear when in the high RPM range, or on a cold start. However, this actually isn’t caused by the transmission. This is caused by the factory Clutch Line. The factory line is plastic and under extreme heat (like what you would see when you’re at wide open throttle) it will expand and when it cools, it will contract. When this contraction happens, the heated plastic will stick to itself. This will prevent any fluid from passing through, which will then cause you to miss a shift. For the hardcore guy’s that like to race their Mustang every Friday night at the local Drag Strip (like myself), this is a huge issue! However, I’m here to tell you that there is a fix, ad it’s easier than you’d expect…

How to fix 2011-2014 Mustang Transmission Issues

The SR Performance Braided Stainless Steel Clutch Line will fit the issues caused by your cheap factory line sticking and not allowing any fluid to pass through. The stainless line will not expand under heat and it will always allow for fluid to pass through as needed. Since installing the clutch line and a Barton shifter in my 2011 GT I haven’t missed a gear!

If you’re looking to rev your Coyote above 6K it is highly recommended you invest in a stainless steel clutch line and remove the weak factory piece that’s been giving you grief. 

Mar 27

Are you Ford’s next Bullitt Mustang? [w/poll]

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Ford Mustang Bullitt

Ford has a long history of offering special editions of its legendary Mustang. One of the most vaunted of those trim packages, though, has only been offered twice. The first time was in 2001, and then again in 2008. Yes, we're talking about the Bullitt.

Named for the infamous Dark Highland Green Mustang Fastback driven by Steve McQueen in the 1968 cop melodrama Bullitt, the car was famous for not just its pilot, but the high-speed chase it took part in during the movie. Now, we think we have images of the next Bullitt.

According to our spy photographers, the paint is a "dead-ringer" for the Dark Highland Green that has signified these special edition Mustangs. While we're inclined to agree, it's also worth pointing out that this shade looks very similar to one of the 2015's other new colors, Guard. We've yet to see one on the road (let alone in such dreary conditions), so it's tough to say for certain.

Other key items that might single this car out as a new Bullitt include its wheels. The as-yet-unseen pattern isn't of the Torq-Thrust variety like Bullitt editions, but the cues are clear. The sole item in the grille is an unbarred, galloping pony, while the Mustang bars on the rear badge are straight chrome, rather than red, white and blue. The expected "5.0" badges have been scrubbed for a cleaner appearance, well.

Now, the Autoblog office is fairly split as to whether this is the real deal or simply a 2015 painted in Guard and wearing a set of new wheels, especially as this would seem to be awfully early for Ford to be this far in development on a Bullitt model (which has typically come a bit later in each generation's lifecycle). We want to know what you think. We've got a solid gallery of images at the top of the page, so scroll up, take a look and then head down to our poll and let us know what you think this car is. As per usual, we'd also love to hear from you in Comments.

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Mar 27

Video: Bolt-on Mods Create a 550+RWHP 2008 Shelby GT500

To continue our Bolt-on Build-up series, we’ve taken a stock 2008 Shelby GT500 boosted the power to over 550 rear wheel horsepower, all with only basic bolt-on modifications. If you like what you see in Stage 1, complete the series by checking out Stage 2 and Stage 3 as well!

Everyone who knows their Mustangs should also know the Shelby GT500 is a supercharged monster straight from the factory. In fact, the 2008 Shelbys already had 500 horsepower at the crank, but with the 2015 Mustang packing something in the range of 450 crank horsepower and the 2013-2014 GT500′s Trinity motor pushing 662HP, the older Shelbys might start to seem a bit underpowered. If you’re thinking the older snakes can’t run with the newer herd anymore, you’d be dead wrong.

With only a handful of basic mods, we were easily able to bump the power and boost levels on our 2008 GT500 and put more power to the tires than the newest GT500. The video series broken up into three stages maps out how anyone can take a stock 2007-2009 GT500 and add around 200RWHP with minimal work and time invested.

2008 GT500 Bolt-on Build-up
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