Aug 06

2015 Mustang Test Fitted with HRE Wheels

2015 Mustang on HRE Wheels

In the most recent bit of exciting 2015 Mustang news, images have surfaced of the 2015 Mustang being test fitted with HRE wheels. As we have seen already HRE Wheels on 2005 – 2014 Mustangs look amazing, giving it a defined yet sophisticated appearance. More importantly, they offer incredible performance and function in addition to style due to their light weight design. It is exciting to imagine the 435HP 2015 Mustang GT or even the 2.3L EcoBoost sporting a set of HRE Wheels, reducing the weight on all four corners of the car, giving it incredible track performance and show car appearance all at the same time.

2015mustang-hre-wheels1 2015mustang-hre-wheels2 2015mustang-hre-wheels3 2015mustang-hre-wheels4 2015mustang-hre-wheels5 2015mustang-hre-wheels6 2015 Mustang on HRE Wheels

On the Mustang6G forum, there were images posted of a black 2015 Mustang that had HRE P101 Satin Black rims on it. In the front they put 20×10 rims and 20×11 rims in the rear with Nitto NT05 rubber; specifically 275/35-20 in the front and 315/35-20 in the rear. That is some serious staggering of the wheels and one mean S550 Mustang. It is worth noting that this fitment went on without the addition spacers and there was no modifying the stock setup, offering a perfect fitment.

These new HRE FlowForm Wheels look drop-dead gorgeous to begin with, but when fitted to the Mustang there is nothing even comparable. The post on Mustang6G went on to add that the new FlowForm wheel will be, “available in 18″ (ideal for tracking with a 18×10 square set up), 19″ and 20″.” It was also mentioned that the front could accommodate up to 295 sized rubber in the front. With Mustang Wheels being a popular first mod, I think these HRE Wheels are going to be a hot pick for 2015 Mustangs.

What do you think of HRE Wheels on the 2015 Mustang? Does it miss the mark entirely or does it capture the spirit of the redefined and redesigned S550 Mustang? Comment and let us know.