Aug 18

Project MMD Winner Zachary Villareal Takes Home MMD Mustang

The 2014 AmericanMuscle Car Show brought thousands of Mustangs and people to Maple Grove Raceway, one of them being the lucky winner of Project MMD. Project MMD was built-up over the course of a few months and was unveiled at SEMA as our show car. After SEMA, we decided to give Project MMD away to one lucky winner. After running the registration for the contest for months, and receiving thousands of entries, we randomly selected one winner to take home Project MMD; Zachary Villareal.

19 year old Zachary Villareal is from the town of Alice, Texas, where he is no stranger to the Mustang legacy. Zachary has always owned Mustang’s since he could drive and he is now currently on his third Mustang. Zachary got a 2014 Oxford White V6 in the beginning of his senior year that he worked and saved to modify, customizing his Mustang to be his own. He found out about the giveaway when he was shopping on americanmuscle.com for parts for 2014 V6 Mustang. His father Hector said, “but he [Zachary] still had his eye on one of the new 5.0L Mustangs.” Little did he know that entering in the Project MMD giveaway would land him the 5.0L of his dreams.

AmericanMuscle reached out to Zachary and offered to bring him up for the AmericanMuscle Car Show, keeping the fact he had been selected to win Project MMD a mystery until the day of the car show. This year’s AmericanMuscle Car Show was the largest to date, bringing in 2,600 Mustangs, 10,000+ spectators, and $35, 503 for the Special Olympics Charity. One of the main talking points of the show was the Project MMD giveaway.

Hot rodding legend Chip Foose announced the winner of Project MMD to the crowd at the show. When Zachary’s name was called, you could see him be taken back. “I can’t believe it. I just can’t believe it,” Zachary said over and over again, in a post announcement daze. He shook hands with Chip Foose and received keys to his new Mustang and took a seat in the car.

As the crowd of fellow Mustang enthusiast’s cheered on, the look of pure bliss became more and more present on Zachary’s face as it started to set in that he was going home with a 2014 Mustang GT that had been modified by AmericanMuscle. After things started to calm down, Chip Foose told the crowd that he was going to be working on the next Project MMD car, Project MMD by Foose, that will be given away at next year’s AmericanMuscle Car Show. Zachary could not be more ecstatic to return to Alice, Texas with his 2014 Mustang, adding another Pony to the stable.