Sep 30

Giveaway: C&L Cold Air Intake for Your 2015 Mustang!

C&L Performance has been hard at work on a cold air intake for the 2015 Mustang and AmericanMuscle is giving away the very first one! C&L Performance is one of the top manufacturers for cold air intakes and has been developing a 2015 Mustang Cold Air Intake for months. AmericanMuscle and C&L Performance have teamed up to give away the very first cold air intake for your 2015 Mustang!

Cold air intakes are usually one of the first mods that owners make to their Mustangs with C&L being one of the most popular choices. C&L Performance has been working very hard over the past couple of months developing a new cold air intake for EcoBoost, V6, and GT Mustangs. C&L does some of the most rigorous testing in the business, with thousands of hours invested in flow bench testing and data logging.

Like many of you know, to truly get the full potential out of your new cold air intake you need a handheld tuner, which is why we are also giving away a Bama SF4/X4 tuner with the cold air intake. This comes with the free tunes for life from Bama giving your 2015 Mustang a huge bump in power.

Rounding out this whole package is a personalized plaque with name, make/model, and VIN# that can be displayed on the intake. All together this is package has a value over $750.00 and will deliver incredible results for your 2015 Mustang. Sign up and fill out the form before the contest ends on 11/24/2014!

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