Oct 03

2015 Mustang Interior Has Everything But an Ejection Seat

If you’ve always dreamed of sitting in the cockpit of a P51 Mustang, you might just be able to find a decent substitute in the 2015 Ford Mustang. No, Ford’s newest version of its trademark sports car doesn’t come fitted with six Browning .50 caliber machine guns and you probably won’t be able to escort any B-17s in it, but a new design for the interior might make you want to throw on that sheepskin flight jacket your wife told you would never be appropriate to wear anywhere and go for a ride.

The 2015 Mustang’s interior is reportedly inspired by the look and feel of airplane cockpit. Mustangs haven’t necessarily been known for their interiors, but an innovation new to this year’s model allowed designers a little more wiggle room for the Mustang’s look within the cabin: simply allowing the airbag to be moved to inside the glove box door added four inches of extra room for the designers to work with. After doing so, they found themselves looking at “twin brows,” which reminded them a lot of a pair of wings. The rest of the aviator design flowed from that point onward.

Check Your Instrument Panel

The airplane theme isn’t just limited to the shape of the dash. The instrument panels themselves also are designed to have the look and feel of altitude dials. The speedometer and tachometer are fitted in a pair of offset heavy, circular protrusions. The speedometer is marked with “Ground Speed,” suggesting that there’s a James Bond-style knob somewhere on the dash you push that would do something to the car to make a ground and air speed distinction worth mentioning, but early reports are that no such knobs exist.

Knobs Are Back

But don’t despair if you’re a fan of knobs – this Mustang has plenty! And if you think knob fans are totally a non-existent group I just made up, then you should know that there was a significant backlash when Ford did away with their knobs for volume and tuning on the early version of their infotainment console. Apparently knob enthusiasts still hold a lot of sway in the automotive world, because Ford bowed to the overwhelming pressure on brought them back for the 2015 Mustang.

And really, what’s not to love about knobs? If you’re bumping some One Direction and suddenly have to stop next to a car full of judgmental middle schoolers, you don’t want to waste time messing with a touchscreen to get the volume way down. With a knob, one panicked flick of the wrist gets the job done!

All Systems Go

Plus, if you fancy mimicking a pre-flight systems check, the dash features toggle switches that only go up and down. So have fun annoying your family by pretending it’s absolutely necessary you flip your four-ways on and off four times while introducing yourself in an intercom voice before putting the car in gear.

And since it seems fitting the front of the Mustang with a mock-prop for you to twirl was impractical and likely unsafe, the engine starts with a push button. Yeah, I know: after all the knobs and vertical toggle switches a button is kind of a letdown, but admit it, you don’t know how planes start their engines anyway.