Nov 20

Bama Performance Is The First To Go 9′s In A 2015 Mustang GT

Bama 9 second pass in a 2015 Mustang GT

The Bama Performance team has been hard at work tuning the 2015 Mustang and that hard work is paying off huge; they now hold the title of being the first to put a 2015 Mustang GT in the 9′s! We have been talking about Bama Performance a good bit recently as they have been constantly going to the track and setting all kinds of naturally aspirated and forced induction 2015 Mustang benchmarks. However, their most recent benchmark is the most impressive to date.

Bama Performance took their 2015 Mustang GT down the 1/4 mile to run an incredibly fast pass of 9.91 @135 MPH! The mod list is as follows:

By switching things up with a Bama track tune on FTW Fuel and larger fuel injectors, the Bama Performance team was able to be the first to break into the 9′s.We are excited to see what else the Bama team has up their sleeve and will be sure to keep you up-to-date with the latest news!