Jul 30

S550 Weekly: 2015 Mustang Seats and Rear Seat Deletes

2015 Mustang GT Ford Interior Near Full Interior

If you’re looking to change up the look of your interior or reduce the weight of your 2015 Mustang, than you’re going to want to replace the stock seats. Unless you have Track Pack Recaro seats, your stock seats add a good bit of weight to your Mustang.

With the Mustang being a 2-door coupe to begin with, the rear seats often don’t see much use unless it is to bring home groceries. A great way to clean up the look and to shed some weight is with 2015 Mustang rear seat delete a 2015 Mustang rear seat delete kit. By removing your rear seats you can save up to 30 lbs of weight!

While you can save a sizable chunk of weight from removing your rear seats, a big part of your weight savings comes from the front seats. Motors, seat heaters, and other brackets make the front seats quite heavy. However, by removing them and replacing them a set of aftermarket S550 seats you can 2015 Mustang aftermarket seatssave a considerable amount of weight without having to sacrifice comfort.

No matter if you do autocross, drag racing, cruise on the weekends, or even daily drive your Mustang, replacing the factory seats and removing the rear seats will improve your Mustang’s handling and performance, without costing you comfort.