Aug 10

New Parts! BBK’s line up for the 2015 Mustang

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When it comes to the world of Mustang aftermarket performance parts and accessories, BBK has been one of the companies leading the way since 1988. Well-known for their expertise in fuel injection for over 20 years, BBK operates three large facilities that span more than 150,000 feet total. With everything designed and made in the United States, these BBK facilities are the birthplace of some of the best after market Mustang parts today.

BBK has been creating parts since the Foxbody was the most modern EFI pony on the street, so it’s no surprise that they have been pioneers in the aftermarket performance industry. BBK was the first to introduce many aftermarket parts to the Mustang crowd such as throttle bodies, cold air intakes, equal-length headers and their famous adjustable clutch quadrant kits. BBK creates OEM-quality parts that provide a perfect fit to any Mustang owner’s pride and joy.

A Fit That Matches the Finish

All BBK products bolt on directly for a perfect fit without additional modifications, and all come with a full manufacturer’s warranty. Also, BBK offers thorough step-by-step instructions for installation and all of the necessary hardware and gaskets to install each product from the beginning to end.

We’ve come a long way since the Foxbody Mustang, and now we have turned the corner to a whole new generation of Mustang ruling roads near you – the S550. Now with a whole new global platform, the 2015 Ford Mustang is becoming more and more popular, and is likely gracing the showroom of your closest Ford dealer. With that said, it was only a matter of time before aftermarket performance parts became available for this all-new steed. BBK now offers aftermarket parts that will provide some serious upgrades for the S550 Ford Mustang in regards to both appearance and performance.

BBK now has the parts available to get that S550 Mustang performing and sounding better than ever such as a cold air intake kit, bigger and more efficient throttle body, H- and X-Pipes for added airflow and rumble, and a full catback exhaust system that can be self-tuned specifically to your needs.

Cold Air Intakes

One of the first modifications that is usually installed on any proud Mustang owner’s ride is a cold air intake (CAI). Much like the ’11-’14 Mustang models, the BBK CAI for the ’15 Mustang will be offered in two finishes – BBK Cold Air Intake 2015 MustangBlackout and Chrome. The Blackout look is a powder coated finish for those seeking a stealthier appearance, and Chrome is always available for those looking to keep that classic look.

No tune or other modifications are required to install BBK’s cold air kit, which will net you 14-16 RWHP. These cold air kits have been designed to work with the factory computer settings for an easy direct fit. For 2015, the BBK CAI comes equipped with a ‘vacuum tree,’ which also helps clean the intake.

Resonator Delete X- or H- Pipe

Sure, the stock exhaust sounds great on the S550 Mustang, but it could sound even better without a whole lot of work. Also, the factory resonators are rather large and heavy, and they can seriously suppress the car’s full exhaust potential. An affordable and easy way to upgrade that factory S550 exhaust is to add a resonator delete mid-pipe.

Give that new Mustang a throaty exhaust note and bolt on a few
horsepower to that 2015 Mustang with the Resonator Delete mid-pipe by BBK. Available in both X- and H- configurations, the mid-pipe will give that S550 a more aggressive tone without having to completely modify the stock exhaust.

Throttle Body

BBK offers a new throttle body for the 2015 Mustang GT, allowing it to breathe free and strong through the RPMs. Because the Coyote engine and electronics were given subtle changes to the ’15 GT model, an entirely new 2915 Mustang BBK Throttle Bodythrottle body was created specifically for the new 2015 Mustang model. Swap out the old, restrictive factory TB for a free-flowing bolt-on throttle body by BBK. Also much like the ’11-’14 Mustangs, BBK will offer its 85mm and 90mm TB options that are plug-and-play, computer machined from a brand new BBK 356 aluminum alloy casting, and will include all the electronics necessary for installation. All BBK throttle bodies are CNC machined from high-quality aluminum castings.

The BBK 73mm single bore throttle body is available for the 2011-2015 3.7L V6 with simple bolt-on instructions and can give the new Mustang an increase of 10-15 rear wheel horsepower. All throttle bodies include pre-installed electronics that require no tuning or computer mods for a hassle-free installation.

Headers – Long Tube and Tuned Length

For added airflow and horsepower, a great modification to add to any Mustang is a set of long tube or shorty headers whether flying down the 1320 or cruising down the street. Nearly BBK Shorty Headers 2015 Mustang identical to the ’11-’14 version, these headers required some slight tweaking to fit the new S550 including an extension for the 02 sensors. These headers are available in the BBK’s Polished Silver Ceramic Coating for less heat accumulating under the hood, and also in Chrome finish for those wanting that classic bright and shiny appearance, the kind of appearance that helps you win car shows.

The direct bolt-on (tuned length) headers are manufactured from CNC mandrel-bent tubing and will bolt straight to the factory mid-pipe without any additional modifications. BBK’s tuned length headers were designed with a unique flange system that allows stock converter location while long tube versions will bolt up to the 2015 GT with the use of BBK’s matching adapter pipes available in off-road or high flow catted versions.

Varitune Catback Exhaust System

Popular with thousands of Mustang enthusiast on earlier Mustang Models, BBK’s patented fully tunable cat back & axle back systems are available for the S550 platform and feature full stainless steel construction. Featuring BBK’s Varitune tunable mufflers, adjusting from a mild mannered sound using all three chambers to an aggressive snarl using one chamber – these systems can be tuned in just minutes with the turn of a wrench for a variety of street or track combinations.

With a BBK-patented adjustable power valve, the exhaust system comes with tunable Varitune performance mufflers with high-flow direct fit tubing and hardware and that allows this bolt-on system to fit perfectly in place without any cutting or welding. Along with all of the necessary hardware, the exhaust comes with high-flow internal chambered exhaust tips to add to both performance and appearance.

Whether a nice throaty rumble to an aggressive growl, this BBK Varitune Catback exhaust system is perfect for anyone looking to add an aftermarket exhaust to their S550 Mustang.

With all of the newest offerings from BBK for the 2015 Mustang, it is no surprise that they are as trusted or well-respected by enthusiasts. Be sure to keep an eye out as they continue to create, test, and release new S550 parts that are perfect for any type of Mustang owner!