Aug 14

S550 Weekly: 2015 Mustang Power Adders

Bama Performance 2015 GT Mustang

The 2015 Mustang is one of the most powerful cars you can buy from a factory with a warranty, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t want more power! Luckily for you, there are already a bunch of great power adders available on the market for your S550 Mustang. From turbochargers to superchargers and nitrous oxide kits, there are plenty of ways to make your 2015 Mustang one of the fastest around. The question is, which will you choose?


The S550 Mustang once again presented to the world a turbocharged 4-cylinder, that puts out more power than earlier V8s. While a boosted 4 cylinder pony is one mean ride, there is still no replacement for displacement whenHellion Twin Turbo Mustang it comes to making power, which is why turbocharging your V8 will deliver you more power than you know what to do with.

Hellion’s 2015 Mustang GT Twin Turbo Kit was on of the first on the market for the sixth gen Mustang, and is still one of the most potent packages available. With the choice between 55mm and 62mm turbos, Hellion’s system is capable of delivering 500-1,200+ RWHP with a smooth, yet brutal power band.


Superchargers and Mustangs go together like peanut butter and jelly; as long as there have been Mustangs, there has been someone to throw a supercharger on one, and the 2015 is no different. When it comes to superchargers you have two main options, a roots style blower and a centrifugal style supercharger. Roots style blowers tend to make more down low torqueProcharger High Output 2015 MUstang GT and replace your 2015 Mustang’s Intake Manifold. Centrifugal superchargers, function more like a turbo in how the power hits and are belt driven off of the front of your engine.

AmericanMuscle has a growing selection of roots style blowers, but a personal favorite is the Bama Performance Supercharger Kit. Powered by a 2.9L Whipple Unit, the Bama Performance Supercharger Kit delivers up to 800 HP and enough torque to lift the front wheels. If you are more interested in centrifugal supercharger, Procharger’s High Output Stage II Intercooled Kit will have you shredding tires and destroying 1/4 mile times.

Nitrous Oxide Kits

One of the oldest, most tried and true methods of making more power is Nitrous Oxide. Increasing the octane of your fuel, Nitrous is an easy and cost effective way to go fast and have fun. Nitrous Outlets’s 2015 Mustang Nitrous2015 Mustang Nitrous Outlet Kit System will deliver an extra 50-250 RWHP through a Wet Plate set up.