Sep 17

S550 Weekly: EcoBoost Intercoolers

EcoBoost Mustang

The 2015 Mustang introduced a new engine offering which was incredibly polarizing to the Mustang community: the EcoBoost engine. Packing a powerful punch from the factory with 310 HP and 320 TQ, the EcoBoost Mustang has earned the respect and admiration of enthusiasts from all around the world.

With the EcoBoost packing a twin-scroll turbocharger that helps the 2.3L 4 cylinder deliver V8 beating performance, enthusiasts have even more options to squeeze all the performance they can out of their Mustang. For the EcoBoost, a lot of this opportunity comes from modifying the turbo and supporting systems.

EcoBoost Mustang Intercoolers & How They Work

Helping to keep things cool under the hood of the EcoBoost is an intercooler. Intercoolers are designed to alleviate and dissipate the heat that is generated from forced induction, keeping the power consistent and predictable. Mishimoto EcoBoost Mustang IntercoolerTheir is “Hot-side piping” which takes the air produced by the turbo and feeds it in to the air-to-air intercooler. The intercooler, which is positioned low to the ground behind your front bumper, has the cool ambient air flowing through it, allowing the intercooler to cool the hot air it takes from the turbo, making the air being fed into the intake denser and colder, which is all passed through the “Cold-side piping”. For more information on this, watch this video by clicking here.

Why You Want To Upgrade Your EcoBoost Intercooler and Piping

The stock intercooler on the EcoBoost has a hard time keeping intake air temperatures down in certain situations. If you are in a hotter region (Texas, California, Florida, etc.) running your turbo Mustang in oppressive heat will diminish and hinder your performance as the air being pushed into the engine will slowly rise in temperature. Likewise, when it comes to competing in automotive sports such as drag racing, autocross, hill climbs, drifting, or even doing dyno pulls, the continued exertion from your engine will have those air temperatures going up, stealing performance from you.

What You Should Upgrade Your EcoBoost With

As the S550 platform, and even the EcoBoost platform itself, is still relatively new in the grand scheme of things, there is a limited, but *daily* growing selection of Mustang Cooling Parts. Luckily for enthusiasts everywhere, the Mishimoto Hot Side Piping for EcoBoostsaftermarket has sprung to action with a mix of great parts to keep you running cool. Well established with a long history of creating top-notch Intercoolers and Cooling accessories for a myriad of applications, is Mishimoto Performance Parts.

Mishimoto offers an upgraded Performance Intercooler which comes in both a silver finish and a black finish. In addition to the actual piping, Mishimoto has also developed a selection of hot-side piping as well as cold-side piping that will remove any restrictions that the stock piping has, giving a freer flowing of air. While those products are all available now,  currently on pre-order is a complete kit for your EcoBoost Mustang which features your choice of silver or black intercooler and matching polished piping to complete your upgrade.