Sep 04

S550 Weekly: Mustang Wheels

Project MMD Mustang

One of the easiest ways to change up the look of your S550 Mustang is with a set of aftermarket wheels! A set of wheels will completely change up the look and profile of your Mustang in no time at all.

Ford did an incredible job with all of the wheels they offered for the S550 Mustang, but at the end of the day, nothing quite beats a set of aftermarket wheels that will give you a totally unique look. AmericanMuscle offers hundreds of different wheel styles in various sizes, fits, and finishes, allowing you to get the perfect look you want.

Staggered Mustang Wheels

A common and old-school style that a lot of people (including myself) favor is a staggered set up. A staggered setup basically means that your rear wheels are larger than your front wheels, giving your car better traction via a 2015 Mustang GT Reviewlarger contact patch. For example you may have a 19×8.5 front wheel with a 245 tire and in the back you may have a 19×10 wheel with 275’s out back. The only downside to running a staggered setup is that you will run through tires quicker as you can not rotate the wheels.

Squared Setup for Mustang Wheels

Squared setups basically means that all four wheels and tires are all the same size, meaning they can be rotated to elongate their life. Even with a squared setup, you can still run a large tire (up to 285) on all four corners, pending your ride height and wheel size.

Mustang Wheel Styles

The 2015 Mustang benefits from having a large amount of options for wheel choices. Depending if you like a more old school racer look or a European inspired racing look, the options are out there and available for you to charcoal-mmd-zeven-wheels-2010-2014-6choose. With 20 different wheel manufacturers offering up a wide assortment of styles and finishes, there is something for everyone at AmericanMuscle! In addition to the hottest wheel styles, we also have you covered for any other wheel accessories you can think of. From Mustang Lug Nuts to Mustang Center Caps, AM is your one stop shop for Mustang Wheels.