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All content included on this site, on any listed products including but not limited to text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio, video clips and software, is the property of 50YearsofMustang.com. All text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio, video clips and software found on 50YearsofMustang.com are not to be copied or used for personal or business purposes unless written consent has been given.

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Syndicated Content:
50YearsofMustang.com hosts a variety of syndicated content from popular websites around the web. 50YearsofMustang.com is not in ANY way responsible, liable or accountable for the content of these syndicated posts. This includes but is not limited to posts, feeds, information writeups, installation writeups, instruction writeups, graphics, logos, text, pictures, opinions or vehicle advice of any kind.

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By using 50YearsofMustang.com you agree to all terms and conditions listed here and anywhere else on this website. 50YearsofMustang.com was created as a useful information resource website. 50YearsofMustang.com is in NO WAY liable, accountable or responsible for ANY modifications done to your vehicle or any parts involved with your project. The information on this website has been gathered from various sources as well as user submitted content. 50YearsofMustang .com is in NO WAY liable, accountable or responsible for the syndicated content found on this website. The use and interpretation of all of 50YearsofMustang.com content, including but not limited to, links, ads, advertisements, images, text/writeups/descriptions and any future updates are at your OWN risk.

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50YearsofMustang.com takes our readers & users privacy and information very seriously. 50YearsofMustang.com does NOT share, sell or re-distribute our users’ information. All personal and email information is transferred safe with our Secure Site Connection and is NEVER stored.

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