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Han Solo would drive a '67 Mustang

When you think about the Star Wars film franchise, a few things should come to mind: lightsabers, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo/Harrison Ford, Yoda and more. A big part of the cinematic universe that is often overlooked is the vehicles. With the exception of the Millennium Falcon, many less popular means of transport from a fan perspective, such as speeder bikes, racers and walkers, are still very cool.

Even though space travel would likely minimize the need for traditional cars, this entertaining infographic pairs iconic characters with cars based on their personalities. While these vehicles may not be fit for intergalactic travel, I’m sure they would make any space technician proud.

Star Wars characters


Let's take a look at each character and what they drive.

Han Solo 

The beat up ‘67 Mustang represents the effort put into preserving a timeless vehicle, something that Han has experience doing. Plus like the Millennium Falcon, I'm sure Han would have made a ton of sweet modifications on it. It might not get up to light speed, but I bet Han's Mustang could help him get away from just about anything.



Chewie is the lovable Wookie copilot of the Falcon, as well the muscle to Han’s mouth. Like many characters that embody the strength archetype, his motto is “smash first and ask questions later.” Despite the nature of his job, Chewbacca is loyal to Han and his friends, which makes a monster truck the perfect way to describe him: raw power with a fun side.



Much like his fellow droid BFF C3P0, the blue and white Mini Copper reflects visual similarities. Additionally, as we know from The Italian Job, the potential of a Mini Cooper shouldn’t be underestimated, and the same goes for R2.



The caption describes C3P0 perfectly: brilliant, smart and shiny but worthless in rough situation. Sounds like a gold smart car, right? With that in mind, check out 3P0 doing what he does best: panicking.


Jar Jar Bink

Even the most casual SW fan knows that Jar Jar is the galaxy’s most annoying, often unnecessary, form of comic relief. Similar to its driver, the obnoxious purple PT Cruiser complete with flame accents, refuses to apologize for uniqueness and flare. As much as you love to hate him, it’s hard to deny this Gungan’s unwavering confidence.


Darth Vader

The kid in me is at war with my teenage self on the one. The emergence of the prequel trilogy in the early 2000s gave moviegoers a look into the origins of the villain Darth Vader. The portrayals of the character in both film series were markedly different, and they left me with the feeling that there are two Vaders. The Vader from the original films was a fear-inducing figure from my childhood worthy of the title Sith Lord. In many ways, the Maybach is a modern successor to the Rolls Royce when comparing the two vehicles in the context of what they represent.


Luke Skywalker

The Camaro is a unique driving machine: its design and craftsmanship are unmistakable, but not overstated. Luke began his life as a farmer on Tatooine, but was destined to become a Jedi Master.


Boba Fet

Bounty Hunter and all-around badass, Boba Fett is really good at what he does. The impetus behind everyone’s favorite mercenary is fellow badass, Clint Eastwood – and the McLaren P1 definitely lends itself to the lone wolf vibe. Fett is also one of the few characters from the Star Wars films that will have his own spinoff title.


Lando Calrisian

We all know a person who asks for money while wearing expensive clothes. Lando is that guy. Considering the fact that the audience’s introduction to Calrisian is the betrayal of Han and company, an over-the-top, gold Hummer seems like a fair assessment. Even though Lando redeems himself in Episode VI, he’s still a jerk in my book – and jerks drive flashy cars.


Obi Wan Kenobi

Young or old, Ben Kenobi has always been a dependable Jedi. It makes sense that he would want a simple, yet classic, car. A 1950s Cadillac fits the bill. Plus, it even looks like a Landspeeder.


Jabba the Hutt

The epitome of overindulgence and sloth, this alien crime lord is best known for his unsettling physical appearance and enslaving Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi. The windowless van selected for him is reflective of his unsavory characteristics and is often used as a vehicle for comedy in popular culture.



As the infographic suggests, sandcrawlers look like double decker buses. This makes the comparison an easy one. When I first saw the Jawas as a kid, I thought they were children getting on a bus. I know now that they’re pygmies and they ride in a sandcrawler. Given the dry climate of Tatooine, something tells me that these guys would fit in at Burning Man.


Princess Lei

Leia always reminded me of a teacher’s pet. You know the one, the ridiculously efficient know-it-all whose hand is always raised and never stops talking. Sounds like a princess to me! Truthfully, Leia knows her way around a rifle and killed Jabba the Hutt with her bare hands. The VW Beetle packs a surprising amount of fight for a little car.



Small things come in big packages; Yoda and the Vespa are a testament to this idiom. Standing at an unassuming two-feet, two-inches tall, the leader of the Jedi Council is not only one of the wisest beings in the universe, but a skilled swordsman as well. The Grand Jedi Master can be seen speeding around his enemies in battle aided by the Force, not unlike the Vespa.


The Emperor

The Emperor, aka Palpatine, aka Darth Sidious, always reminded me of a mob boss: a silent, brooding thinker with years of experience who is not to be messed with. The classic, black Rolls Royce demands respect where it goes and carries a certain gravitas. If you’re wondering why he almost never gets out of his chair, it’s because this happens.


Darth Maul

Darth Maul is a highly skilled Sith Lord and assassin known for killing Obi Wan’s master Qui-Gon Jin, as well as wielding the double-sided lightsaber. Maul’s signature Sith Speeder bears a resemblance to motorcycles in our universe. The red and black accents are for added effect.


Admiral Ackbar

Another doppelganger of sorts, the admiral’s ship Home One is one of the biggest in the galaxy, measuring at 1,300 meters and housing over 1,230 crew members and 1,200 troops. Because of the vessel’s massive size as well as its beginning as a civilian housing unit for space exploration, an RV was a pretty safe bet.



Ewoks are a race of hunter-gatherers that look like teddy bears and live off the land. They are, arguably, the most peaceful group in the Star Wars universe. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ewoks were remnants of the sixties with overgrown beards, which is why a hippy bus is perfect for them.


What do you think about this list? Let me know in the comments below.

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